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Our all natural soaps are packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum cans covered in a unique design from an independent artist. Best of all? It contains the most amazing natural hand & body soap that comes in 3 different essential oil scented blends.

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Morning TideDark CloudsFocusHoosier State - IndianaCircle City - IndianapolisRomance of the RoseArt Deco DreamsObsidian TilesOrange You CutePoppies & PosiesWildflowersMid Century ModPumpkin PatchBee Clean, Bee KindWitches BrewJuice by Stuart AlterDeck the HallsMerry & BrightAll Spruced UpPup Love

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If you've already got the reusable lids you need, now you just need some soap refills. Choose which design and scent you want to replenish your supply with this convenient multi-pack.


CannedGood hand soap is made with a special blend of coconut, shea butter, olive oil, sunflower oil and jojoba oil and fragranced with essential oils. 

Choose refill packs of 2, 4, or 6 cans in any scent and design. Each refill comes in a 12oz aluminum can of CannedGood all natural hand & body soap.

      Soap base ingredients:

      • Organic Aloe Juice
      • Organic Coconut Oil
      • Organic Shea Butter
      • Organic Olive Oil
      • Organic Sunflower Oil
      • Organic Jojoba Oil
      • Organic Vegetable Glycerin
      • Organic Guar Gum

      All scents include a variety of essential oils, we use absolutely no synthetic fragrance oils in any of our products.


      Casting a bright and fresh aroma with each pump, our Garden scent features the subtle herbaceous notes of lavender and rosemary with a pop of mint for a crisp, clean finish. A custom blended scent of:

      • Lavender essential oil
      • Rosemary essential oil
      • Patchouli essential oil
      • Peppermint essential oil


      A softer, aromatic fragrance, our Countryside scent is highlighted by the essence of sweet orange and geranium. Underlying herbaceous notes of eucalyptus and rosemary. A custom blended scent of:

      • Geranium essential oil
      • Patchouli essential oil
      • Sweet orange essential oil
      • Eucalyptus essential oil


      The earthy overtones of clove bud and cedarwood give our Woodlands scent a resinous and balsamic aroma, complimented by lemongrass and rosemary. A custom blended scent of:

      • Cedar wood essential oil
      • Lemongrass essential oil
      • Pine needle essential oil
      • Clovebud essential oil
      • Eucalyptus essential oil


      Our soap base that you know and love, that's it. No essential oils are added, perfect for anyone with skin sensitivities or looking to avoid stronger fragrances.

      You've never seen hand soap like this before.

      Canned hand soap description

      Top 3 Reasons we love aluminum

      1. Aluminum drives the entire recycling economy. Recycled aluminum is worth about 4x more than plastic, and 1000x more than glass. Local recycling programs simply wouldn't exist without the money they make from recycled aluminum.

      2. Aluminum can be infinitely recycled. A piece of aluminum can be turned into a product and then melted down to become something else an unlimited number of times. The same aluminum that holds your soap today could be a a new car door tomorrow, or the wing of an airplane in 10 years. Compare that to plastic where even if it get's recycled (and that's a big if) it can only do so 1 or 2 times before it becomes just another piece of trash that pollutes the earth for the rest of time.

      3. Aluminum makes up just 1% of trash in the United States. Despite 65 billion aluminum cans being used every year, we do a pretty decent job of keeping them out of landfills and out of the ocean. It doesn't matter if it can be recycled, what matters is how consumers behave. Right now about 63% of consumer aluminum gets recycled. Compared to plastic (29%) and glass (26%) it means that aluminum is the clear sustainable choice. Don't get us wrong though, there's lots of room for improvement here and we're committed to using our brand to support that.

      Why go all natural?

      Our all natural soap

      • Real soap, with the same ingredients and processes used for thousands of years

      • We use shea butter, one of the world’s best natural moisturizers. Rich in skin-loving vitamins A and E our soap will leave your hands feeling soft and conditioned

      • Our ingredients are either organic or derived from completely natural sources. We use ingredients that you can actually pronounce like "shea butter" and "coconut oil".

      • Completely biodegradable. Happy fish, happy planet.


      Leading brand "soap"

      • Technically an artificial "detergent", not really soap at all

      • Detergents strip your skin of their natural oils which leave your skin feeling dry and tight

      • Contains harsh chemicals such as SLS and cocamidopropyl betaine (linked to skin conditions) and parabens (preservatives linked to cancer)

      • Leaves toxins in the environment that deplete oxygen through algae blooms and prevent aquatic life from fighting off parasites and bacteria

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