Pride Design Collaboration

Are you an artist and part of the LGBTQ community? We'd love to collab for our Pride can! We're offering monetary compensation to use your design on our cans to  be released in May 2021 and will sell until sold out. Plus a portion of the proceeds from sales of that can will be donated to the charitable organization of your choice!

About the project:
Digital design would be the best medium for our purposes.
April 1 - All artwork submitted for consideration
APril 1-5: We'll decide and contact artist for final details, any
adjustments that are needed and contract sent
April 5-9 - Our decision will be made and announced and contract signed/returned
April 19 - Proto type can will be finalized and signed off on by both parties
April 26 - Sales launch (TBD how many cans we will order for this). We will sell them until cans are out.

Payment: The artist will be paid $100 for the design work and a portion of the sales from the can sold will be donated to a charitable organization of the artist's choice.

Artwork perimeters:
Artwork should be submitted in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator

Canvas size: H: 3.833 inches  x W: 8.332 inches / 300 dpi (this is how our labels are formatted to fit the cans) 

If you want to see examples, just reach out and let us know!

This art should be a representation of yourself, your style of art, or any inspiration you feel embodies the Pride movement, community and inclusion for all.

Please email art submissions to:
Be sure to include a little bit about yourself, your phone number, any social media or websites you want us to look at and you might mention the charitable organization you want to support.

Our contact info:
Dassie Brandt (owner)

About us:
At CannedGood, we make all natural hand soap in infinitely recyclable aluminum cans - we have 3 curated scents and offer a variety of artist inspired can designs. The custom designed lids fit our cans perfectly and are made of all natural, biodegradable rubber with durable plastic pumps to last many years with proper care. Our products offer a simple way to soap up and save the planet - Reuse the lids, recycle the cans, reduce your plastic waste.

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