Plastic Free July - Waste Reducing Products

Plastic Free July is here and we’re highlighting some of our favorite waste reducing products to boost your sustainability journey!

Wet-It cloths are an amazing way to cut down on waste - sub them for paper towels, sponges & wipes. They are dishwasher safe and machine washable - these eco friendly life savers come in a TON of cute designs and are super absorbent.

Next up, revamp your beauty routine with organic, reusable make up pads! Use them to remove make up or apply toner - they are washable and come with a little laundry bag to keep them all together for  years of use (the eco friendly packaging is another plus!)

Kick your plastic wrap habit to the curb - Bee’s Wrap is the eco conscious, all natural alternative to single use plastic wrap. Pack up your left over for later, then rinse, wrap and repeat! With so many fun patterns its impossible not to one you’ll love.

Love clean floors but hate the waste created by bulky, planet killing, single use Swiffer Wet Jet pads? Stress no more - and grab these reusable, floor mop microfiber pads. Great for all kinds of surfaces, the thick absorbent material picks up dust, dirt and hair, plus absorbs more liquid for a maximum clean (these are probably one of my favorite purchases for a low waste lifestyle!)

Zip lock bags are a huge plastic problem - the solution? Reusable silicone bags like Stasher are a perfect substitute. Non toxic and temperature resistant they can go in the freezer, refrigerator, microwave, oven and even in stove top pots and sous vide cooking! Made of 100% pure platinum silicone they are hypoallergenic, BPA and BPS free - good for you and the planet.

Free your produce from flimsy single use bags at the grocery. We all know about totes for shopping, but do you ever think about the rolls and rolls of plastic wasted on fruits and veggies by each consumer on their shopping trips?! Lotus produce bags are ultra-light, color coded, BPA free and food safe. Durable and machine washable, you can’t go wrong with these — plus, as a “1% for the Planet" member, a percentage of each sale will support a great environmental charity (LOVE this).

And of course, you can't start your sustainability journey without giving our soap a try! All natural hand soap, packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum cans -- reuse the lid, recycle the can and repeat the process! Did you know that nearly 70% of all aluminum ever made is still in production today? Or that a can from the recycling bin can be back to the grocery shelf, in as little as 60 days? The humble, amazing, Earth friendly, aluminum can. 

Do you have any favorite products to share that make your “going green” journey a breeze?

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